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The residents of Fort Liard have been actively participating in commerce for generations, whether it be through trade with each other or through the fur trade. Birch bark baskets and traditional arts have always been popular commodities but, more recently, Fort Liard has become actively involved in the oil and gas industry. There are a number of productive wells operating in the area.

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ould like more information about a business or service that isn't listed, or if your business or service should appear on this page and does not, please contact the Hamlet Office at


Government of Canada

Fort Liard is one of many thousands of communities in the country of Canada. Visit the Government of Canada online for information about the Canadian government.

Government of the Northwest Territories
Fort Liard is located in the Deh Cho Region of the Northwest Territories. Visit the GNWT online for information about the territorial government.

Hamlet of Fort Liard
Welcome to the Hamlet of Fort Liard website. The Hamlet of Fort Liard is responsible for  recreation facilities and programming, roads and drainage, water and waste water services. The Hamlet of Fort Liard has a community office, community hall, seasonal skating rink and curling court, seasonal indoor swimming pool, fire hall and municipal garage. Please stay a while, look around, and learn more about our community!

Hamlet Recreation Centre/Community Hall - photo by Irene McLeod
Water Plant - photo by Tina Klondike

Acho Dene Koe First Nation

Acho Dene Koe First Nation (ADKFN) represents approximately 600 members and provides some services to all members of the community. ADKFN supports such programs as housing programs, home care, and some economic development activities. Contact the Band Manager at (867)770-4571 for more information.

Other ADKFN Contacts:

Administration: (867) 770-4571
Chief: (867) 770-4571
Fax: (867) 770-4144



Aurora College, Fort Liard Community Learning Centre
Located within Echo Dene School, the Aurora College Fort Liard Community Learning Centre offers adult upgrading and other courses that lead to various certificate or diploma programs. (867) 770-3064

Echo Dene School

Echo Dene School offers Junior Kindergarten to grade 12 education.

(867) 770-4486

EDS 2021.jpg

Fort Liard Volunteer Fire Department

Fort Liard has a volunteer fire department. The fire hall is located next to the Hamlet Office and welcomes visitors for tours of the hall and fire truck.


Call 911 for fire emergencies only or please contact the Fire Chief  at (867) 770-4104 


Check out the Emergency Services section of this website to see the local Fire Department.


Hay Lake Campground 


Hay Lake Campground, one kilometer from Fort Liard, has 12 free campsites with firewood and fireplaces, fresh water and a cooking shelter on the shore of tranquil Hay Lake. A cleared hiking trail around the lake will take you through the forest and past a beaver dam. The views from the top of the hill or from the end of the lake are excellent.

 Hay Lake - photo by Daniele

Hay Lake - photo by Terrance Kotchea

Health Centre (Deh Cho Health & Social Services

The Fort Liard Health Centre is staffed by three nurses, 1-2 social workers, and a supporting staff. The Health Centre provides a wide variety of health services. More urgent cases may be sent to larger centers by road or air to Fort Nelson, BC, Yellowknife, NT, or Edmonton, AB. Please call (867) 770-4301 for appointments or information.

Environment and Natural Resources (GNWT-ENR)

Get your fishing or hunting licenses here, or drop in and visit the wildlife officer for some information on the plants and animals in the Fort Liard area. Learn a little about forestry or the fur trapping industry. Call (867) 770-4300 for the Fort Liard office or visit ENR online for more information about the department.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Fort Liard has a four member RCMP detachment that provides police services to Fort Liard as well as Nahanni Butte. The detachment can be reached through the RCMP's Yellowknife dispatch at 911.

RCMP Sign - photo by Trey Timbre



Acho Dene Native Crafts

Any visitor to Fort Liard should make Acho Dene Native Crafts, located in the centre of town on Liard Valley Main Street, their first stop. Because it is also the Visitor Information Centre, the staff are a great source of information about the area. Would you like to go canoeing or hiking or would you like to know more about the local history and traditional way of life? Ask the staff and they will tell you where to go, what's worth seeing, and stories of the old days. In addition to being a wealth of information, the centre proudly sells and displays locally-made items. Fort Liard is renowned for its finely crafted birch baskets with porcupine quill work. Acho Dene Native Crafts is also a great place to see and purchase beautiful moose hair tufting, intricate bead work, moose hide slippers and gauntlets, jewelry, and other items. These are not factory-made products. Each product is hand-crafted locally. If you would like to learn more about how these works of art are made, all you need to do is ask. The staff at Acho Dene Native Crafts love to share their traditions and culture.

(867) 770-4161.

Beaver Enterprises 


Beaver Enterprises, owned by ADK Corporate Group, provides a wide range of services and specialises in serving the oil and gas industry. Beaver provides camps and catering services, oil field construction, line cutting and slashing services, and equipment rentals.

(867) 770-4571

Fort Liard Fuel Center 


Located on Poplar Road, near Acho Dene Native Crafts, stop in the Fort Liard Fuel Centre for a quick snack while you fill your thirsty vehicle after a long day on the road. The Fuel Centre has unleaded gas, diesel, propane, and other supplies for your vehicle or small engine. Interac and most major credit cards accepted. Cash machine available.             

(867) 770-3216

Hope's Venture

Hope's Ventures has built an excellent reputation with its hotshot courier services. Passenger service available.

(867) 770-3340

Liard Valley General Store & Motel

At the end of Liard Valley Main Street, The Liard Valley General Store, open seven days a week, offers one-stop shopping for your vacation needs: groceries, dairy, fresh produce, hardware, stationary, film, souvenirs, T-shirts, pins and mugs, native crafts, and soft ice cream. You can purchase NWT fishing licenses here.

The Motel, with 8 kitchenette suites and 4 regular rooms, offers air conditioning, satellite TV, private bathrooms and complimentary coffee.


Contact the Motel for rates and reservations at (867) 770-4441. Interac and VISA accepted.


The Northern store, is part of the NorthWest Company chain of department/grocery stores. Located on Liard Valley Main Street, near the canter of town, the Northern contains an ATM machine, the post office, and more.


(867) 770-4411

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