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Location & Climate

Fort Liard is located at 60o14'00"N - 123o28'00"W

Situated in the Deh Cho Region, in the southwest corner of the Northwest Territories, Fort Liard is approximately 23km due north of British Columbia and approximately 32km due east of the Yukon Territory. The community rests on a broad river terrace in the Liard Valley at the confluence of the Petitot and Liard Rivers. The Liard, Kotaneelee, and La Biche Ranges of the Franklin Mountains rise just west of the community. To the east are vast tracts of boreal forest and muskeg. The community is in the Taiga Plains ecozone of the Hay-Slave Lowlands ecoprovince, in the ecoregion of the Northern Alberta Uplands. The geology of the area is generally sedimentary rock from the Mezozoic and Paleozoic eras.

Fort Liard has been nicknamed the "Tropics of the Territories" because of its southern location and microclimate that brings long hot summer days and the occasional chinook in the winter. The closest communities to Fort Liard are Fort Nelson, BC and Nahanni Butte, NT.

Follow the links , to learn more about the local climate and wildlife , and to find out how to get to Fort Liard .

Liard/Petitot Junction - Photo by Ryan Wilson
Sunset on the Liard River - Photo by Connie Bertrand
View of Mt. Coty - Photo by Vincent Bertrand
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