Introducing Fort Liard's Community Safety Program

For residents in need of Safety and Security Support

Call 911 for Emergencies

Who are we?

Dylan Steeves

For Crimes
call the

Lindsay Berreault

My name is Dylan, I've lived here in Fort Liard my whole life. When I saw the posting for this position my mind flooded with ideas of what safe community is. I am proud to be apart of this program and very excited to see it come into shape. 

My name is Lindsay, from Fort Liard also. As a parent, my views on safety have changed over the years. I believe the CSO Program is a great opportunity to create a safe community environment for our youth to grow. 

Our Purpose

The Community Safety Officer is not a Law Enforcement Officer

- To provide a physical and visible presence in the community
- Respond to non-criminal public concerns
- Provide a safe environment for community residents
- Educate on safety issues/ concerns
- Promote and build community relationship with the R.C.M.P
- Develop and implement community safety initiatives


Our Vision

The Hamlet of Fort Liard envisions us as a progressive, healthy, and safe community. Our vision is to maintain this while respecting the traditions and cultures of our residents. 

How to contact us

174 Valley Main Street
Fort Liard, NT
Phone: (867) 770-4104    Ext# 110