Below are copies of various Hamlet of Fort Liard Bylaws. These documents are not official copies, and this is not a complete list of bylaws. Certified copies may be obtained from the Hamlet Office during normal business hours. Please contact the Chief Administrative Officer for certified copies for more information regarding these and other bylaws.  In the case of a discrepancy between the information provided the original bylaw will apply.


Personnel Policies - Personnel Policies

Personnel Policies and Procedures - Code of Conduct

Personnel Policies - Progressive Discipline

Personnel Policies - Substance Abuse

Personnel Policies - Reasonable Suspicion of Impairment

Personnel Policies - Occupational Health and Safety

Personnel Policies - Harassment Policy

Personnel Policies - Municipal Complaint Policy


Bylaw# 63 -   Inoperable Vehicles 

Bylaw# 133 - Municipal Service Standard Bylaw

Bylaw# 139 - Fort Liard Zoning By-law

Bylaw# 210 - Duty Travel

Bylaw# 211 - Facility Rate Rental 

Bylaw# 212 - Waste Disposal Site

Bylaw# 271 - Acquisition of Land [Cemetery]

Bylaw# 272 - Acquisition of Land [Municipal Works Yard]

Bylaw# 273 - Purchase of Fire Truck 

Bylaw# 274 - Fire Chief Appointment 

Bylaw# 275 - Municipal Road Closure

Bylaw# 276 - Hamlet Employment

Bylaw# 279 - Council Indemnity

Bylaw# 281 - Emergency Management

Bylaw# 282 - Fire Protection

Bylaw# 286 - Municipal General Election

Bylaw# 291 - Financial Administrative Bylaw

Bylaw# 292 - Procurement Bylaw

Bylaw# 287-288-299 - Consolidation of Municipal Service

Bylaw# 297 - Term Increase for Mayor and Councilors

Bylaw# 299 - Municipal Service Rate Amendment