Fire and Community Safety


Fort Liard Volunteer Fire Department

Your volunteer firefighters are volunteers who give of their time, come out at all hours of the day or night, and put it on the line to protect lives and property.  They don’t get paid, and are there for you!  Please appreciate them.  Next time you see one of them, thank them.  It would mean a lot.  

The house they save could be yours!  

If you are interested in joining our department, drop by the Fire Hall and pick up an application.  Our weekly training takes place on Wednesday's at 6:30 p.m.

The Fort Liard Hamlet Council recognizes the contribution volunteers have made in providing fire fighting services to the community. 

Fort Liard Volunteer Fire Fighter Members

Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Committee


Mayor Hillary Deneron

Deputy Mayor - Cathy Kotchea



Hamlet SAO - John McKee PHONE : 770-4104 


MACA - Regional Superintendent - Mike Drake


Hamlet Municipal Operations - Alan Harris


Fire Emergency Services - Charlotte (Evelyn) Wilson


Transportation - Anthony Duntra


NWT Power Corporation - Brian Hope


Social Services - Holly Spencer / Dawn Traux


Mental Health - Natasha Penney


Fort Liard Health Centre -  Nurse in Charge - Frances Deschenes


                                           Shirley Bertrand-Jooris

Echo Dene Koe School -     Principal Ragu Kangalingam


                                           Vice Principal - Nadine Downey Chaulk

                                           Secretary - Kathie McLeod-Mease

Beaver Enterprise -  CEO - Vacant - TBA

                                Tom Wezelman

Environment and Natural Resources Officer - Jimmy Deneron

RCMP Detachment

GNWT / GSO Senior Care - Julie Capot-Blanc



Public Notices 


2020 Burn Permits

Burn Permits can be picked up at Hamlet office or at the Fire Hall.

Permits are valid only within the Hamlet of Fort Liard.

Burning Permits are approved with the following conditions:

The fire shall be:

  • away from other combustible material such as dry, tall grass, overhanging trees

  • a manageable size

  • preferably in a contained space such as a fire pit, barrel

  • attended at ALL times

Burning material must be clean wood.

No plastics or rubber are to be burned.

An extinguishing agent must be available at all times.

The fire must be fully extinguished.

Please call myself Evelyn Wilson, Fire Chief at (867) 688-3404.

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